About the Project


MG Media is a studio providing filming and photography services, run by a duo of dancing professionals. The main composition of MG Media logo design is created from letters M and G as well as a graphic symbol inside the letter G (photo lens). The overall brand identity of MG Media is quite minimalistic. Geometric logo design and strict layout was chosen for the logotype composition. The logotype clearly reflects the scope of the company and represents the main activity – filming and photography. As the main component of brand‘s identity and representation, modern and stylish business cards were created for filming and photography studio MG Media. Business cards have untraditional layout and structure. Tiny varnished details on one side of the business card add dynamic, posh and stylish vibe to the design. Minimalistic text layout on the other side of the business card keeps the design very harmonised.


  • Date: 2014-04-28
  • Country:  Lithuania
  • Services: Logo Design, Business Cards
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